Heartquake Book PDF Free Download

Heartquake Book PDF Free Download

Download Heartquake Book PDF: Hello guys in this article we will provide you the latest book of K Vijayakarthikeyan’s Heartquake PDF format for free. The book is published by Rupa Publications India. You can easily download this book from the end of the article.

Summary of Heartquake Book PDF

It gives out a lot of DESHBHAKTI vibes, with a cute love Story and so many plots and twists. Reading improves imagination & tends to bring out anticipative scenarios. This storyline presents itself as fast-paced where the plot isn’t.

The patriotic IAS officer, Vikram, juggling with his career, friendships, hardships in professional setup finds a retrieve with Veda, his stable anchor. Despite his position, the authoritative chain forces him to obey RPR, a vile-bullying minister.

He stands his ground nonetheless, to fulfill his duty to the citizens observing his best to help everyone. During the time of his training in the academy Vikram, an honest IAS officer, and his friends decided to bash the corrupt politician RPR.

But it all went wrong and after this, his family was attacked upon and he got posted in Laxmipur, the town of RPR. He was trying his best to adjust there but soon people started dying mysteriously with a heart attack. Who was behind it? Who was the target?

Now, the narration takes the tune to how the mystery of the ‘Heartquake’ unfolds. An encouraging read, providing essence to what one beholds the responsibility of being a public servant. It is such an engaging read and its language is simple and lucid. Narration is done very clearly.

Contents of Heartquake PDF

  1. Running Away
  2. Face Off-Round 1
  3. Face Off-Round 2
  4. Heart Matters
  5. Lub Tub
  6. Number Games
  7. Fresh Trouble
  8. Tighter Knots
  9. Gathering Storm
  10. The Burst
  11. Trail Times
  12. Shocks., Storms, Breakthroughs
  13. Mask. Unmask.
  14. Unplotted
  15. Face off-the Final

About Heartquake PDF Book

Book Name:Heartquake
Author:Damon Galgut
Publisher:Chatto & Windus
Release date:17 Jun. 2021

About the Author:

K. Vijayakarthikeyan is a medico-turned-bureaucrat well known for his hugely popular initiatives as an IAS officer. He has won several awards and accolades for his pioneering work in land, solid waste, and urban management. On sunny weekends, he can be found wreaking havoc on the cricket ground with his explosive batting and deceptive spin.

The Heartquake Book PDF Free Download

Currently, the Pdf version of this book is not available on the internet because of copyright material & violation. So you can easily purchase this book from the link given below.

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